RCJ Retail Consulting Japan Inc.

Retail Consulting Japan Inc. was established in Tokyo in March 2007 with the main purpose of assisting foreign retailers in entering and expanding in the Japanese market by acting as their local partner in developing and subsequently implementing a successful retail strategy.

By leveraging on our wide contact network within the retail industry, we also support brands in reaching the most suitable business set-up when entering the Japanese market, being it direct operation through a subsidiary or by working with local partners, in order to with a long term perspective achieve success in Japan.

The Japanese market offers endless opportunities to retailers, but also poses some unique challenges in deciding on the best strategy for entering the market due to its sheer size, regional differences and the complexities of a fast-changing and dynamic retail landscape.

Through our passion for- and deep understanding of the Japanese retail market, in addition to our network within the industry built up through years of experience from working with international brands, we look forward to further contributing to the success of our clients that are either entering the market for the first time, or are looking to expand their current business in Japan.